MIS would like to support migration-related research, teaching, and outreach at the FHSE. To that purpose, we have dedicated € 10 000 from our annual budget for 2020 to fund specific projects:

Submission deadline: January 31, 2020

Topics: Research pertaining to migration and inclusive societies (please see “scope” below)

Project duration: Until December 31, 2020

Funded by: MIS – Migration and Inclusive Societies (FHSE)

Contact: till.dembeck@uni.lu or nicole.holzapfel-mantin@uni.lu

Budget: € 10 000 total; max. € 3000 per project


This call is open to all researchers at the FHES who conduct research pertaining to migration and inclusive societies. While projects of PhD-students can be funded, PhD-students cannot be directly funded.


MIS invites proposals for research projects on the broader topic of migration and inclusive societies.

Successful project proposals will be teaching, outreach, and/or research oriented and must align with:

  • at least 1 of the 5 Working Areas:
  • Socio-Economic Participation & Global Connectivity
  • Diversity & Social Cohesion
  • Cross-Border Movement & Citizenship
  • Multilingualism & Educational Challenges
  • Experiences of Borders & Cultural Identities
  • the MIS-Mission-statement:
    The Key Research Area “Migration and Inclusive Societies” (MIS) at the FHSE (https://mis.uni.lu/en) conducts inter- and cross-disciplinary research, teaching and outreach in migration studies with the aim of promoting inclusive societies. Its activities include all aspects of life and borders, thereby going beyond addressing migration with purely economic or political questions. By fostering disciplinary and methodological diversity, MIS engages with the complexity of migration processes and of inclusion.

How to apply

  • Please submit an application with a summary of your proposed project (500 words excluding references) to holzapfel-mantin@uni.lu by January 31, 2020
  • In the application please state:
  • The project title (at least preliminary)
  • The objectives and expected results of your project
  • Who is involved in your project (individual and group-applications are possible)
  • how your project relates to at least one of the five MIS-working areas and the MIS-Mission-Statement
  • how much funding you are applying for and why
  • on what purposes you would want to spend the project-money
  • a timetable of the course of your proposed project

The MIS-Consortium will review your application and results will be communicated via email by February 29, 2020.

Successful projects will be asked to:

  • display the MIS-logo on all related material (posters, publications etc.) and acknowledge MIS-support in any other appropriate manner.
  • All related events shall be open to MIS-members
  • provide a written final report (500 words; including project title, use of funding, outcomes) after the funding period/project has ended, which may be put on the MIS-website; a report-template will be sent out