Lecture series 2016 – Slavery and Identity

The Bachelor en Cultures Européennes is organising a multidisciplinary lecture series in conjunction with the Key Area. The topic of the series is the relationship between slavery and identity: at different times, from the perspectives of both slaves and slave owners, and in various cultural contexts. This lecture series at the University of Luxembourg begins in February 2016.




The speakers from Luxembourg and Germany will use various disciplinary perspectives to tackle the following core questions:

  • What does it mean if the key components of an identity (profession, family etc.) are under some circumstances not open to free choice but are instead dependent on a master’s favour?
  • What is the impact of this negative characterisation on slaves’ self-image and self-perception, and how does contempt and ill-treatment impact upon slaves’ self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence?
  • What social and cultural identity are slaves ascribed by the society in which they live, and how does the existence of slaves shape the image of a society?
  • Is the identity of slaves shaped not by belonging, but rather a lack of belonging, total separation?

The lecture series is aimed at students in the fields of English Studies, German Studies, History, Philosophy and Romance Studies. Other interested student and non-university audience members are also welcome.

Planning and organisation: Andrea Binsfeld