Lecture series 2015 – Topics and Positions of Interculturality

In the summer semester of 2015, the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes in collaboration with the Key Area is organising a lecture series on ‘Topics and Positions of Interculturality’. The aim is to present interculturality research as a multi-layered, dynamic ‘discipline’ rich in prospects. The speakers come from various disciplines and are tackling both current and historically oriented issues of interculturality.




Interculturality is a research paradigm focusing on the interaction between ‘cultures’. The aim of the lecture series is to identify, describe and evaluate the conditions and consequences of cultural contact and exchange situations.

The lecture series is designed to consist of one-hour lectures which then prompt subsequent discussion with students. The lecture series is primarily designed for students taking the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes course, in other words an audience from the fields of English Studies, German Studies, History, Philosophy and Romance Studies. However, other interested student and non-university audience members are also welcome. Lectures will be given in German and/or French.

Planning and organisation: Jeanne E. Glesener, Nathalie Roelens, Heinz Sieburg