Lecture series 2017 – world literature

TheBachelor en Cultures Européennes, together with the Key Area MIS, is organising an interdisciplinary lecture series on comparative literature. The lectures given by established researchers from Europe and other continents will cover theoretical and analytical perspectives on world literature. This lecture series at the University of Luxembourg is open to the public and begins in February 2017.




The Bachelor en Cultures Européennes is once again organising an interdisciplinary lecture series in collaboration with the Key Area MIS. The aim of the lecture series is firstly to illustrate theoretical and analytical perspectives on world literature, and secondly to present literature from Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Building on current specialist debate, thirteen speakers taking a variety of viewpoints will discuss the latest developments in comparative literature focusing on three key issues:

  • How has the concept of world literature developed over the centuries since Goethe?
  • Do small literatures such as those from Luxembourg, the Baltic states, Malta, Nepal, Surinam and so on also form part of world literature, or is this the preserve of major literatures?
  • What questions and fields of methodology, language competence and discussion of the canon does comparative world literature research tackle in the era of globalisation?

The lecture series is aimed at students in the fields of English Studies, German Studies, History, Philosophy and Romance Studies. Other interested student and non-university audience members are also welcome.

The lectures will take place during the summer semester of 2017 on Tuesdays from 11:30-13:00 at Campus Belval (Maison du Savoir).

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Planning and organisation: Jeanne E. Glesener and Oliver Kohns