MIS Symposium 2017 – Multilingualism as Migration

The fourth Key Area MIS symposium discusses multilingualism as cross-border movement. Texts and the historical and cultural contexts to which they refer are examined as settings for interaction between various linguistic processes.
The symposium will take place on 3-4 July 2017 and is aimed at scholars in literature, linguistic, social sciences and cultural studies.
Rainier Grutman (University of Ottawa) and Sandra Vlasta (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz) are invited as keynote speakers.



The fourth symposium organised by the Key Area for Migration and Intercultural Studies (MIS) at the University of Luxembourg wants to describe multilingualism as migration. It is a matter of multilingualism as variety of methods for the generation of significance and as border-crossing movement of linguistically or culturally marked elements.
This movement is often linked to the movement of people but it can also be medially conveyed. In this respect, migration can shape different forms of movement and different directions and degrees of fixation.
Describing multilingualism as migration enables to view the linguistic and cultural elements not as fixed, well-defined units but rather to understand and describe them as entities in motion.
In addition, one can interpret texts and the historical and cultural contexts to which they refer as the setting for interaction between various linguistic processes.

The Symposium is open to the public | Registration requested | The working language is English

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Concept and organisation: Till Dembeck, Jeanne E. Glesener and Christian Wille

With support of the Institut für deutsche Sprache, Literatur und für Interkulturalität, the UniGR-Center for Border Studies, the Institute de langue et de littératures luxembourgeoises, the  Instituts d’Études Romanes, Médias et Arts and the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education.