MIS conference series – Europe was also shaped by religions…

European cultures are shaped by various religions and their influences. The guest speakers at this conference series present key religious and philosophical trends of the past and present and discuss their contribution to an intercultural and multicultural Europe. The conference series is being organised by the MIS Key Area in conjunction with the Institute Pierre Werner.




We do not have one single European culture, but rather multiple European cultures. These cultures are influenced by each other, creating features common to all cultures on the European continent. Some of the traditions behind the shaping of these cultures are the major religions: Christianity with its denominational plurality, Judaism with its painful experience of an often persecuted minority, and Islam which has long been relegated to the margins of the continent, as well as atheism denying the need for any believe in a divine being, and agnosticism with doubt as a maxim for life.

Through gatherings of experts and debates bringing together representatives with different beliefs, this conference series aims to highlight the role of major religious and philosophical trends in creating an intercultural and multicultural Europe.


Marc De Kesel (University of Ottowa)
Europe, mon amour : politique et religion en Occident

Volker Leppin (University of Tübingen)
Die innere Pluralität des Christentums im späten Mittelalter

Guido Bellatti Ceccoli (Ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the Council of Europe and member of ICLARS (International Consortium for Law and Religious Studies))
L’Islam vu depuis l’Occident chrétien du moyen âge à nos jours

Literary discussion panel with Navid Kermani and Mathias Énard
Moderator: Guy Helminger
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