Conference – Chorographies


The aim of the conference on 6 to 7 November 2015 is to investigate the various conceptualisations of the phenomena of the city, and take account of the key factors generating urban complexity. It will have three focal points:




Firstly, it will aim to determine the extent to which the contemporary city can be read as a diachronic palimpsest, i.e. as a whole made up of not only architectural but also spiritual and imaginary stratifications deposited over centuries or following historical and cultural events.

Secondly, the city is consistently a place of meetings and confrontation between the own and the other; it is a transcultural result of an increasingly intercultural reality which is represented in literature, influences architect’s plans or also needs to be linguistically negotiated.

Finally, the city is also an immobile space which is managed and mapped, as well as an intersection between countless movement patterns such as walking, strolling, travel, pilgrimage, immigration and so on. In short, the city is the sum of its types of use.

The lectures will be given in French, Italian or Spanish and should not last for more than 20 minutes.

The conference is taking place at Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg City.

Organisation: Folke Gernert (Trier University – HKFZ), Nathalie Roelens (University of Luxembourg – MIS Key Area)

Scientific advisory committee: Alex Demeulenaere, Paul Strohmaier, Steffen Schneider (Trier University), Thomas Vercruysse, Ezio Puglia (University of Luxembourg)