News & Upcoming Events

Invitation to the ‘Border Studies’ UniGR workshop

Six universities from Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg are working in partnership as part of the ‘University of the Greater Region’ association. They organised a workshop on the research field ‘Border Studies’ on 1 December 2014. Dieter Heimböckel and Christian Wille were invited and presented the Key Area.

MIS workshop – ‘Interculturality as a Transdisciplinary Concept’

foto1The Key Area organised an international workshop on 5 November 2014. Together with speakers from India, the UK, Germany, Finland and the Czech Republic, MIS members discussed the concept of interculturality from various disciplinary perspectives. The event promoted understanding of various approaches, their practical applications and their theoretical potential. The key question was whether interculturality could be designed as a transdisciplinary concept and put to use for MIS work.


Invitation to the ‘Education’ research priority kick-off meeting

The University of Luxembourg’s current development plan sets out various research priorities. One of these is the priority ‘Education: Focusing on Multilingualism and Diversity’, which began its activities a few months ago. Dieter Heimböckel and Christian Wille were invited to the research priority’s kick-off meeting on 28 October 2014.

Preparatory work for benchmark analysis completed

The preparatory work for performing a benchmark analysis was completed in September. The aim of this analysis is to establish central points of reference for strategic positioning and to prepare future lines of development for the Key Area. The comparative study is incorporating institutions and working contexts of interculturality research on an international level.