Book publication – ‘Perdre le Nord’

‘Perdre le Nord’ is the first work of fiction by Nathalie Roelens. In this recently published book, the Key Area MIS spokesperson takes her readers from Montevideo to Tokyo, Amsterdam to Taranto, behind the scenes of the academic world. Staying hot on the trail of her protagonist and incorporating art, literature, politics, religion and psychoanalysis, the author is proclaiming an ode to friendship.




This breathtaking travel narrative takes readers on a mad dash to the four corners of the world, from Montevideo to Tokyo, Amsterdam to Taranto, hot on the trail of the protagonist Hélène, unfurling in those improbable private preserves or places of encounter for disoriented egos known as ‘colloquiums’.
Within this cynical world infatuated with power and self-congratulation, our academic is on the lookout for the slightest spark of humanity.
But sometimes this is not always found where you might expect…

Bringing together numerous different worlds (art, literature, politics, religion and psychoanalysis), Hélène Rolin is proclaiming an ode to friendship, or at the very least an antidote to its disappearance.

About the author
Hélène Rolin is the pen name of Nathalie Roelens. This Belgium academic working in Luxembourg focuses on the city in literature, issues of border, and intercultural relations. She has written numerous academic works, the most recent of which (‘Éloge du dépaysement. Du voyage au tourisme’) was published by Kimé (Paris) in 2015. ‘Perdre le Nord’ is her first work of fiction.

Hélène Rolin: Perdre le Nord. Editions Persée. 2016
196 pages; 210 x 148 cm; paperback
ISBN 978-2-8231-1743-1
EAN 9782823117431
€18.80 (inc. VAT)

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